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The Boston Celtics beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Just thought I’d get that out there because the talking heads at ESPN are obsessed with the LeBron failure and his future.  That’s ’cause it is juicy stuff.  He seems to have been greasing the skids for his exodus from the beautiful city of Cleveland with his non-committal comments.  Since being unceremoniously swept out of the finals by San Antonio two years ago, he has failed to lead his team past the second round.  He is immensely talented but comes up short when it counts most.  He had a triple double tonight but he also turned it over 9 times.  Except for back to back threes to bring them to within 4, he was unable to exert his will on the outcome of the game like he did in game 3. There was an amazing backlash about his performance of game 5, causing him to react defensively at the podium and say some truly silly things.  So where will “The Chosen One” play next year?

In Cleveland his supporting cast consists of Shaq Grand Daddy who may actually turn to stone right before our eyes. (He has 2 years left on his deal)  There is the Russian Uncle Fester- Big Z- who sucks and hardly played after the cheesy reacquisition.  The Gangsta back court of the likable Mo Williams and unstable Delonte West.  Earlier this year the illustrated man was arrested on his motorcycle packing enough heat to arm a small country.  He missed the beginning of the season while “being evaluated”.  He probably didn’t have any bad intentions, simply a misunderstanding.  The Cavs do have Sideshow Bob- Varejo, who is a complete pain in the ass to play against.  I hate his guts, but would love him if he was a Celtic.  Antawn Jamison never played D, but he used to pour in 20 per night.  That seems like a long time ago after the pitiful performance he mailed in in this series.

LeBron has that cast of motley characters, the lure of loyalty to his hometown, and Cleveland winters in his plus column.  The Cavs can also pay him more money than any other team.

Will that outweigh drab South Beach which boasts a stud in D Wade ( If he stays)- a championship coach ready to jump back in (Riley) and NO STATE INCOME TAX?

The city of Cleveland, without a championship of any kind since 1964 should say their goodbyes to LeBron James.  You almost feel bad for Cleveland…almost.  Wings@RollinSD.com

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