The Annual Super Bowl Party

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The annual super bowl party….Sure there’s a game on the TV, but the real entertainment is right there in front of you in your fellow party goers.  There may be some slight variation from party to party, but every super bowl party has these essential attendees.  Count how many attend the party you are at tomorrow and please send us photo’s to add to this post.  Would love to represent the readers by adding a few new photos.  Have fun tomorrow and be safe.  ~East Coast Pimp

The Purist: This guy arrives precisely 44 minutes before game time (45 mins + is just rude).  He stakes out the spot on the couch with the very best angle to the TV and spends the entire game telling people to move so he can see, and to shut up so he can hear every word the announcers say.

The Talker: Talks the entire game about everything – BESIDES FOOTBALL.  This is usually the guy you don’t really like, but still hang out with because you have known him since high school and he’s grand fathered into the group.

The Kitchen Guy: Cares about football even less than the talker.  This guy just stays in the kitchen waiting to ambush somebody heading in for a beer or food.

The Idiot: Not a bad guy most other days, but he knows zero about football and spends the entire game commenting inappropriately about the game…”Why do they keep running into the pile of people”?

The cool chick: Love her.  She actually knows the game and watches intently – High fives at the right time.  Typically pretty hot, but shows up in jeans and pigtails.

The Commercial guy: Only cares about the commercials…nuff said.

The Squares guy: This guy’s got more paper than Dunder Mifflin.  He spends the entire game checking his squares and running through scenarios for him to take the next quarter.

The Drunk chick: Love/Hate with this one.  Hate her during the game/Love her (or try to) after.

There are more – but you get the idea.  So watch the game, have fun…But don’t forget to stop and look around at the other clowns around you.  Sometimes there’s more going on in that house than on the field.

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