The 2011 Winter Classic

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New Years Day has always been about hanging with your family, making up some resolution you plan on breaking in the next 72 hours and watching football.  Well I am here to tell you it is changing. I am a little biased because I grew up on the East Coast and played hockey growing up. Many of you have never been to a hockey game live and there are still some of you that have never even seen it on TV. I don’t blame you. Where can you find a hockey game on TV?  I have Direct TV so I get the hockey channel and can watch entire games in 15 minutes. They only show shots on net, scoring opportunities, power plays, fights and good hits. Well, with this being said, New Years Day is now becoming a hockey day. The last few Winter Classics have been amazing and they are playing outdoors and with two power houses facing off.   I think this is just what hockey needs to start to come back.  I will stop boring you with my analysis because nobody really gives a shit about what I have to say anyways.  Check out this fight below between John Erskine of the Washington Capitals and Michael Rupp of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  These two are studs and go toe to toe.  They just start pounding on each other.  For the non hockey fan, fighting is part of the game and the fight will not usually stop until one player gets his shirt pulled over his head, they fall to the ground, one guy is knocked out or I guy calls it quits.   So these two go toe to toe, exchanging good punches and then Rupp just stops and says I am out.    I am not exactly sure about what he said, (I was good and loaded at the time and should have written it down), but they just stopped. This is why hockey is suck a kick ass sport. They can beat the shit out of each other as part of the game, call the fight and then go tot he penalty box for a few minutes.  After that forget about it and get on with the game.  TMTML@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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