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Texting While Walking Is Just As Dangerous As Texting While Driving

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texting while walkingTexting While Walking Is Just As Dangerous As Texting While Driving.   I have said this many times before that texting while walking is very dangerous and here is a video to prove it.  Be advised video is pretty brutal, but I think it is worth showing your children. I also think a few of the peope in this video were either on drugs or very drunk.  Just today I was in the parking lot and these two kids were just walking across it and didn’t look either way.  They just kept their heads down and kept texting away. I actually followed them for a few minutes and they had no clue that I was behind them.  Everyone please be careful out there.  Do not text and drive and for those who are not driving please do not text while walking.  This is your Rollin Service Announcement “RSA” of the week.

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