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Only at a Cubs game

I have been to 4 Cubs games in my life and have seen a lot of things.  We start off at the local pubs and proceed to down as many beers and shots as we can before entering Wrigley.   Then when we are in there we drink as much as we can early because they stop selling beer in the 7th inning.  (more…)


One Big Gator

We have earthquakes in California and they kind of freak me out a bit, but nothing like this. I can deal with the ground shaking for 15 seconds every 4-6 months.  Imagine living around


How Democrats Create Jobs

So, while we’re in the Great Recession (likely to be a double-dip recession), and facing record debt and record deficits, the Democrats plan is to hand out more money in the form of unemployment checks.  This, six months before the largest tax hikes in history.  (more…)

John is a badass motha fucka

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