Tacky Tarnishes Star Player

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Imagine if Larry Bird were to call a press conference turn it into a special and decide to tell the Boston fans that he will now be playing for the Lakers, or Lemieux telling the Pittsburgh fans he will now make his home in Detroit, or Mantle deciding that he will be patrolling the outfield at Fenway? It’s safe to say that Lebron James will never be in the same mention as these faithful athletes.

It’s not one thing to completely abandon your hometown team but to do it on a one hour special is absolutely despicable. There is nothing but absolute disgust when I think of “King” James today. Hasn’t Cleveland been through enough? They already have to deal with the Browns and the Indians. To now have to put up with this gross selfish display is too much.

I understand wanting to win, I understand leaving a team but why the one hour special? Yes the boys and girls clubs of American benefitted by why couldn’t James just write them a check? He can afford it. How about the agony of the city of Cleveland? Can he ever set foot in that city again without an absolute riot? I don’t think so. Never has one man become so hated to a city since Art Modell (sorry again Cleveland).

Maybe I just don’t understand because I have never been the absolute best in the world at what I do. Maybe once you are at that point, you just need a change and maybe he will finally win in Miami, but look at the price he will pay to do it. Imagine single handedly ripping out the heart of every fan that has rooted for you since high school. It’s like dating the girl of your dreams for years only come to find that she is marrying your best friend because he is more endowed. Money is money and I know it makes the world go round but what happened to pride? I hope Miami treats Lebron well because he no longer has a home to go back too and Heat fans don’t get too attached because once that deal is done he may hold a two hour special. And who cares if you’re the most hated man in Cleveland when you have all the money in the world? –TheTruth@RollinSD.com

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