Switch Hitter vs Switch Pitcher

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Everyone has heard of a switch hitter in baseball.  It is a player that can bat very well from both sides of the plate and will switch sides depending on what hand the pitcher is throwing from. My son asked me a few months back if he could pitch with both hands.  I said sure but you have to learn throw lefty, but I have never heard of anyone being able to throw well with both hands.  So less than two weeks later one of loyal RollinSD contributors Craig L sends me this video of a pitcher on the Staten Island Yankees pitching with both arms.  I don’t know if the umpire has a clue to if there is a rule against this or not, but I would have loved for the pitcher to give the guy barking at bat some chin music with his next pitch.  If a batter can switch why shouldn’t a pitcher be able to switch.  Now the real question I have is what is up with his glove.  When he is pitching lefty it sees like he has on a legit lefty glove and when he is pitching righty it looks like a legit Righty glove.  Any umpires out there know if there is a rule against what this pitcher is doing?  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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