Sweet Sixteen- SDSU Aztecs

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All that matters at the end of the game is the score. The Aztecs battled through two overtimes and claimed the next round. They pulled out a win to move on by the skin of their teeth. Now the sweet sixteen awaits them in Anaheim. In the Aztec’s first game they withered the wave of threes and muscled their way past Northern Colorado into the next round.

The Aztec’s second game was an epic. In a game they really should have won, they faced an east coast contender in Temple University. The Aztecs came out playing on egg shells and their offensive touch was off. Temple’s offense was slow,methodical and wore our defense down but we hung in there. The Aztecs contested almost every shot. As the first forty came to a close the Aztec’s one-time emphatic lead had shrunk. After a strong defensive stop the Aztec’s had possession with about fifty seconds on the clock. Billy White put it up for the winning basket missed and slapped the rebound in the hand of a Temple player who had fallen on the court with a hand on the baseline. The Aztecs got possession with a fresh shot clock with about twenty seconds left in the game. Gay ran the clock, and got it to Chase Tapley who missed a floater and took the game to overtime.

Temple’s guard Juan Fernandez was money down the stretch and gave the Aztecs a lead to chase. The Aztecs tied it up as Kawhi Leonard shook off a demoralizing slump for just his third field goal in the game. With two minutes left, Malcolm Thomas hit a huge “and one” sky hook that eventually tied it up for the second overtime.

With four free throws by Kawhi Leonard, and two jumpers by Billy White, the Aztecs took a four point lead with one minute and thirty seven seconds left. With the Aztecs up 67-64 and Fernandez driving the lane Malcolm Thomas stepped up for his biggest blocked shot of the season. DJ Gay passed it up to Kawhi where he got fouled and eventually pushed their lead to five. Leonard then stole the ball at half court and buried the dagger with a emphatic one-handed jam. Suddenly, Temple took it coast to coast for a last second bucket “Beast Mode” Billy White was ready with a swat that took off the wheels of Temple’s run.

The San Diego State Aztecs are now part of the Sweet Sixteen. San Diego, this team carried our city on their back’s and have made history.

The rest of the tournament has been wild team’s like Morehead St.sunk a game winning three to kick Louisville out early. BYU has also joined us as one of the sixteen. Baylor is driven and Matt Howard is the epitome determined. Richmond upset Vandy and our looking strong. The Big East doesn’t not look as strong as that league was hyped all year.

Speaking of the Big East, the Aztec’s are now set the play Kemba Walker and the rest of the Big East Tournament Champs. We have the play them like we play Jimmer and the Cougars.The Sweet Sixteen does sure feel sweet. I would talk more about the upsets but I gotta get down to Montezuma Mesa to party with “The Show.” ~Tony Fantano

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