Super Bowl Square Odds

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This might be the one of the most recognizable charts/graphs or what ever you call it this time of the year.  To someone not from the US,  it looks like a confusing chart with no rhyme or reason.  Then if you added peoples names, nicknames and initials into the squares it really wouldn’t make sense.  Well, this simple little chart is one of the reasons the Super Bowl is such a great event.  You can invest $5 and buy a square and have a chance to win $250+.  Even if you loose, you have a real reason to watch the game when you most likely hate both teams playing.  So most of you have received your squares back tonight with the numbers drawn. Everyone is hoping for any combination of 7,0,3 or 4 and you will be happy. Do you want to know what your odds of wining with the numbers you have are?  Dr. Sully sent me this simple chart and it breaks it down for you.  Thanks Dr.  Good luck everyone and my prediction is GB 31 and Pitt 17 with GB scoring a late defensive TD to seal the game.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Now check your numbers to see what your odds really are.  Make sure you forward this link to everyone you know so they understand what their chances of winning are. Print this out and bring it to the Super Bowl party and check the odds;  here’s the hard facts. This graph is based on scoring form all NFL games this year. Obviously 3, 7, 0 are the best numbers with 7-0 being the highest hit % and 2-2 being the worst. ~Dr Sully

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