Supply and Demand is alive and well and living in Florida

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Hate it.  Love it.  Spend it or profit from it – The fact is that when the supply of a good or service is high in demand with relatively low supply, the cost of that good or service is going to be high.  In this specific case I am referring to the ticket prices to be entertained by billion dollar business entities BOSTON RED SOX and New York Yankees.  Having been to several Red Sox games over the years, and a few games between the clubs, I can state that it is an experience and worth spending a bit more.  But $750 for a Spring Training game where guys wearing triple digit numbers and no names on their jerseys are playing from the 4th inning on???  That’s just nuts.  But the fact is the tickets will sell for that price.  My theory is that it’s a combination of people living in the Northeast starving for a little sun and warmth as well as dying to see some baseball again.  I can understand that.  But for $750 I better be getting seat side food and beverage service by an extremely hot waitress wearing a bikini who will ensure the game has a ‘happy ending’ no matter the final score.  ~East Coast Pimp

article   Red Sox, Yanks have most expensive spring tickets

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