Steak and Knobber Day, the Valentine’s Day for Men

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This post is from Gigi one our our female contributors. I didn’t know this was an official holiday and I’m so glad she forwarded me her post and made me aware.  I think if I had written this, it would have been taken lightly but, Gigi spells the day out perfectly.  This is one you can forward to all your friends and to their wives and you will be a hero for doing so.  Be sure so let us know how your Sunday goes. I am printing this out now and leaving it in my wife’s purse.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Steak and Knobber Day, the Valentine’s Day for Men – Sunday March 20th

Alright ladies, you may or may not know this, but Steak and Knobber Day is fast approaching.  Some of you might be wondering what exactly is Steak and Knobber Day?  Well, it’s basically Valentine’s Day for men.  Let’s face it.  Most all holidays are geared towards women, especially Valentines Day.  So here we have a holiday that is specifically for men and men only.  While it is the man’s job to make a woman feel special on Valentine’s Day it is our job to make our men feel special if even for this one day.

The rules for S&K day are this:

1.       NO WHINING! Does your boyfriend/husband whine about having to pay $75.00 for a dozen roses that were only $14.99 the day before?  The price of flowers increases on Vday almost as fast as gas prices are going up.  So relax it’s just one day.

2.       Go and buy a good piece of meat, and KNOW how to cook it.  This is the main course of the holiday.  You don’t want to get a tough piece of cow hide and cook it until its dead, and make the poor guy have to actually work for his food.  There are several nice butcher shops you can visit, and even some local grocers that have butchers that can help you choose I nice cut of meat for your man.  I recommend a nice fat fillet.

3.       As I mentioned above – KNOW HOW TO COOK IT.  Don’t ruin the damn thing, and don’t cook it in the oven the way your mom used to.  Turn on all the burners of your grill and let it warm up.  While that is working, let the meat come to room temperature (don’t gross out on me here – this is a necessity).  Pour a little olive oil on both sides; sprinkle with KOSHER salt (not table salt) KOSHER salt brings out the natural flavors in your meat, and pepper.  Turn grill heat down to low, place on grill, yadda yadda yadda…Chances are, if you’ve understood me until this point, you’ll know what to do from there.  If not, then forget it.  I could say puppies and kittens and you’d still be lost (am I right?).

4.       Set the mood for his dessert.  Don’t have on your bunny slippers and your ratty sweats.  Make an effort to make yourself slightly presentable for your man.  Maybe a nice skirt with no panties?  Remember this day is about him.

5.       And finally, for dessert.  This is the most important piece of the holiday.  Even if everything listed above goes wrong (which it won’t), you must have the attitude of a porn star to cap off your mans day.  As we know, for men, it’s not always about how it’s done but more the attitude and eagerness in which it is done.  Confidence is Key: Just as your insecurity rings out like an alarm, your confidence will hit him like a bolt of lightning.   I know some women that just aren’t into giving knobers, so they figure they can lick it a little then finish it off with a little hand job.  Not today honey.  Throw all your fears aside and let it ride!  This is your moment of truth. Besides, it’s only one day – but I guarantee, if you do it like you like it, then you’ll want to do it over and over again.

Since I gave you some tips on how to cook your meat, I should give you some tips on what not to do when giving a knobber.

And finally, the last and final rule of Steak and Knobber Day:

6.       After you’re finished (with the knobber, if you keep the change and the knobber is that much better for him), LEAVE HIM ALONE.  Don’t expect a play by play critique of “how’d I do” Hopefully, you’ll know if you did a good job or not.  It’s not that he doesn’t want to cuddle or play with your hair, and tell you how infinitely he loves you (which if all went well, I’m sure will come eventually).   But give the guy a break; he just finished a big dinner, and even bigger dessert.  Sure you did all the work – but let the man rest.  He deserves it.

Something to think about: The expression “you get what you give” has a great meaning here. He set the bar with Valentine’s Day. If he set the bar very low, by getting you a card and chocolates, then it won’t be too difficult to one-up him. If you got jewelry, dinner for two at Morton’s, and massages, then you have your work cut out for you. Remember, he still has your Birthday and the Holiday Season to get you more gifts.  It’s a win/win situation for everyone!  Raise that bar now!

Happy Eating Ladies!!  ~ Gigi (Guys I Get It)- a hot married chick that know how to take care of her man

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