Spring Is Here And That Means It Is Fishing Season

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There are so many people out there that think fishing is luck. It is the same people that say, Texas Holdem’ is luck.  If you were to take only one cast and catch a record fish I would say that was luck. Play Holdem’, only join one hand and win, then yes, that would also be luck.  Now,  if you fish or play cards for a long period of time you start to play the percentages and the luck lessens the longer you play.  You will have a few lucky streaks, but skill and knowledge start to take over.  Watch this fishing video and tell me if this is luck or skill?  I love this video for so many reasons.  The expressions on the host’s face, the driver of the boat actually picking up a knife and driving the boat holding it and just the fact that they are all laughing and scared at the same time.  I am thinking the all took a bath in fish Power Bait and that is why the fish were jumping.   Now this is how you fish the Wabash River in Indiana.  Lake Hodges is at 102% and the East side of the 15 has a ton of water.  Let’s see how the bass fishing is this Spring.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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