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For anybody that still hates Michael Vick please understand that he did 22 months of hard time at a maximum state penitentiary. I mean seriously people all he did wrong was grow up in the wrong neighborhood and trust his “friends”. He did his time and I’m sure none of us have been through what he has, so let him be. And let’s be completely honest, it was just dogs. I know, you’re looking at Fido right now and you hate me for that comment but they are. I mean to put it in perspective Dante Stallworth killed a human being and only got 30 days in jail. So where is the hate for him? It can’t be because you’re a big Stallworth fan but still Vick draws hatred from just about any person I can talk to. The thing that bugs me is he took his penalty and he didn’t complain. He was a man about his punishment and still people are livid over what he did. Well for all you people grow the fuck up. At this point this MAN has done more than any MAN you will ever meet. He took the blame for his friends and didn’t say anything about it. And then this year, after all he has been through and after the way he played he just sat there and let a player take his job after he had clearly earned it. Michael Vick deserves our respect not as a player but as a human being. He has done wrong and he has paid the price but now let him be. I commend him for all he has done and for what he has done on the field. Now the biggest thing is I hope he can continue the good he has done. Mike, don’t let your fans down because what you do athletically is special. You have a second chance and I wish you the best of luck. Now, don’t fuck it up. TheTruth@RollinSD.com Video below is very graphic of a dog fight Michael Vick hosted.  Viewers beware.

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