Things Guys Should Never Wear

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 I was downtown last weekend at the Double Deuce – sick ass place I might add.  A few buddies invited me and as soon as they told me  it was a Country bar and I immediately thought of In Cahoots or whatever it’s called.  I get there and it’s nothing like I thought. One side plays country music, but the good shit and the people  are cool, not cowboy boot wearing idiots.  The other side has a mechanical bull and plays sweet tunes. The upstairs has an area with couches and a stripper pole where girls can show off their talents.  Plus there were tons of friendly hotties all over the place.  Sorry to get side tracked……so I am there and I see this guy who is wearing a pair of jeans that are just ridiculous. They are basically something a 19 yr old super model should be wearing. I have no idea how this clown got them over his feet.  They were short on the back and you could almost see the guys ass crack. They were so tight on the legs and in the crotch that he had a man toe going.  Who the fuck let him out of the house?  Does he think this looks good?  Please guys, save the skin tight jeans that let your ass crack show and give you a camel toe for the girls.  I dig chicks, so maybe this guy doesn’t really give a shit about what I think, but I would like to know what girls think.  Let me know.  I can’t be the only one that thinks man toe is a bad thing.    Iceberg@RollinSD.com

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