Soccer Mom Teaches How To Grow Pot

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S0 is this a bad thing?  Still not sure what, exactly a soccer mom is. Is it a mom that has a pussy for a son and can’t play American football?  Or, is it a mom who is just real boring like the sport soccer? Why not a baseball mom or a Lacrosse mom? I like the way that sounds……Lacrosse Mom. I bet she would wear short shorts and be real tan and give all the little 5th graders a hard-on. See below on this story;  I am not sure what the big stink is? Is it because she is from Del Mar? If this woman was from South East San Diego do you think they would be making a big deal about it? I am thinking about taking the class. I have always wanted to further my education and I might actually meet some hot Del Mar moms while learning how to grow my own bud.   Do we get samples for attending the class?  Iceberg@RollinSD.com

Soccer mom runs medical marijuana school

Institute offers popular classes in growing pot for medical patients

By Nadine Toren FOX 5 San Diego Reporter

June 22, 2010

SAN DIEGO – A Del Mar soccer mom has established a school to teach people everything they need to know to set up a medical marijuana business.

“It’s a whole new industry, a whole new direction, and it’s the new green,” said Nicole Scott, founder of the Legal Cannabis Institute.

Scott says her school offers budding entrepreneurs everything they need to know about the medical marijuana business.

“I have attorneys that teach law classes, nurses that teach science classes and master growers that teach really good gardening,” said Scott.

“I take you from step 1 to step 20 on what you need to do to open up a collective or delivery service within the state and local laws in California,” said Kimberly Simms, an attorney and instructor at the institute.  FULL STORY

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