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Snoop Dogg on 4/20/11 it can’t get better than. We definitely had a treat coming to San Diego when Rock Hill presents Snoop Dogg – Seedless 420 Party was set. All of San Diego’s heavy hitters were beckoned downtown to the 4th and B for some high times with Seedless and Snoop Dogg. With the epic music building the momentum toward a point breaking Snoop strolled on the stage with the bump of the bass and the rattle of the speakers. It was on. Snoop got the crowd up and chanting to “I Wanna Rock Right Now.”

On my way down to the show from 163 south, I could see the spotlights in the air. The 420 epicenter was at 4th and B and sensi vibes were attracting all the players in San Diego. Out in front, people were trying to jam into the doors. All the honeys were dressed up classy for the possibility that they might meet the Dogg Father himself. They looked good to me. As I made my way inside, I could smell an alluring fusion of perfume and the sticky-icky green buds.

The venue was big but where ever you were at you could recognize who was on stage. After a few opening acts Xzibit surprised everyone and busted the weed party up with “Call it what you want to call it, I’m a fucking AL-CO-HO-LIC.” The crowd was pumped and our anticipation for Snoop had boiled over. People were getting antsy and it was getting tight the closer you got to the stage. Two chics started fighting in between sets and that jumbled the crowd enough for me to move forward. Once it settled, I got some complaints but the concert was in front of me.

Snoop Dogg hit the stage with some smooth swagger. Blunts were getting lit up all around because you know San Diego is gonna do it right when Snoop hits the mic.

Snoop was rolling through his songs. He stopped before the third and said “ Yo Hold up, I wanna hear some pimp music.” Then 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P. blasted through and got the ladies grinding up to a willing RollinSD reporter. We played tribute to TuPac and threw up our two’s in the air. Then DJ Warren G made his way out on the stage and busted out “Regulate” in tribute to Nate Dogg. Snoop Dogg and his crew brought the party and set the occasion off.

With all the bud that was smoked on stage there was no need for a fog machine. Snoop is a suitable master of the 420 ceremonies. “So are there some party people in the mother-fucking house tonight? If you got a head ache than pick up a pill, and I am gonna dodge it with Dr. Phil. They call me Snoopil Dizzle aka Snoop D.O. double G and I can hit it. San Diego, bring your low one with your mind one time funk with it. So, if you got that sticky-icky than now is the time to put that shit in the air and smoke that shit like you just don’t care.” Than boom he played “Lodi Dodi” and got the crowd pumped.

The next song he played for the females. “ Ladies I gonna sing something special for your right now. Ladies you got to understand I am not a R&B singer, I don’t wanna do none of that bullshit the EEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEE shit. I don’t do all that crying on the music. I wanna sing a little something for the ladies to really express my true feeling, how I feel about the ladies right now. Ladies you got understand its really special to be able to look into your eyes and to tell you how beautiful you are, to be able to make you feel the way that you want to feel because you ladies are are really searching and striving for a sexual person. You be trying to find that true feeling, that everything, that thing that you be missing. You know what? I don’t even want to talk about it. Let me go ahead and give em that shit, give em that shit they be missing.” Snoop actually broke into song he must have had some back up because it wasn’t bad. Snoop was singing Sensual Seduction.

Snoop has the stage presence of one of the greats. Like Frank Sinatra or Barry White, Snoop is cool and collected. Like pumping your shoulders or popping your collar there is a classy way about how Snoop throws down on stage that makes him a legend.

The Doggfather walked to center stage and said “Are you guys having a good time? I mean are you really having a good time? Is anyone smoking weed in the crowd? Did I say happy 420 already? Happy 420 to y’all it’s an honor and a pleasure to be out here in San Diego to celebrate this holiday with you. We’ve been sitting down all night. I am gonna see if I can make y’all move.” The horns from “Jump Around” filled the air and Snoop said “ San , on your feet everybody C’mon” The place was going nuts everyone was moving and the party was just fun. Snoop brought the music and San Diego brought the ruckus. As expected The Rock Hill 420 Seedless presentation of Snoop Dogg was the crown jewel on a irie 4/20/2011 in San Diezzy. ~Tony Fantano

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