Sickest Touchdown Catch Of All Time?

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I am asking and want to see if someone can find a better one.. If you think you have a better on please email me and I will add it to this post.  It is easy.  Think about a catch that sticks out in your head and go to YouTube and type int he players name and sick or great catch behind it.  You will find a ton of videos. Then just send me the link and I will post it. If I feel you have a better one I will mail you a RollinSD tshirt.  Let’s see if you can beat this one. This one was sent in by J Turf and if nobody can beat this video/catch he will get the shirt.   See the entries below J Turf..  Send email to John@RollinSD.com

Travis Tomlin’s submission

From Chargers King

and this from Aaron Bonnified-  Aaron we asked for TD catches and I didn’t see this guy get up and run the ball in.. None the less it is a sick catch and worth posting.

John is a badass motha fucka

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