Sick Wiffle Ball Catch, But Sicker Field

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I have never  been a great wiffle ball player, actually, I have never been great at any sports.  I do remember living on Martha’s Vineyard one summer before moving to San Diego though.  My roommate and I would play wiffle ball every night after work for an hour and pound 15 beers each before heading out for the night.  We thought we were pretty good until our new neighbors moved in.  They asked if we wanted to play a game one night.  These two kids were maybe 140lbs soaking wet and we thought we would just walk all over them.  It almost didn’t seem fair until they threw the first pitch.  Holy shit. How can someone throw a wiffle ball that fast??  I think I missed the first pitch by 3 feet.  Well to make a long boring story short we played 2 innings and lost 31 to O and they only batted once…… Now check out this catch – pretty sick right?   Now check out this field, it’s a mini Fenway and totally amazing. Where is this field located? I will be back in Boston next week and want to check it out.  If anyone knows, send me the information.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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