Sick Bat Skillz

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Yes I spell it with a Z…… I always say, when you are this sick you get the Z.  Just like if something is crazy I don’t say it is ridiculous, but it’s recockulous. I know it isn’t a word, but I will make it one.  Would you rather your junk be called a dick or a cock?  Cock is just so much better.  I have pretty sick bat skills when I am at the plate. I can  at will hit to both sides when needed but can’t paint the line. When they play me in I just rip it over their heads.  With me being able to do that to the ball I can’t come close to doing what this guy does.  Before you even think about trying this, go find a whiffle ball bat. I tried with a wooden bat and now my garage has a nice dent in it.  This guy is just sick. I can imagine how many hours he must have practiced and if he had maybe spent those hours in the cage maybe he would have made the show.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com This was the first post ever for RollinSD on the original site over a year ago.  We are bringing it back as it is making its way around the Internet again.

John is a badass motha fucka

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