Sharks Don’t Choke… San Jose is Cali’s Last Hope for the Cup.

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   The Hockey Playoffs are picking up momentum and the San Jose Sharks vs Red Wings series has been a nail-biter. Absolutely down to the wire this series has been worth every minute. The series was the closest in NHL history. Every single game of the seven-game series was decided by no more than one goal.
          For those who have not been following the Series. The San Jose Sharks took the momentum they earned beating The Los Angeles Kings and went up to a three game advantage against the Detroit Red Wings. Then Detroit came back and won the next three games. The stage was set for a all-or-nothing Game 7 in San Jose.
          San Jose came out on fire and their relentless momentum and crisp passing put them up with a two-goal lead going into the Second Period. Detroit came back with a fierce determination and scored to cut the lead in half. There were more checks being delivered on the ice than a Federal Bank. The punishment was going back and forth and the man with more fight won the puck. Detroit was the more organized side. They were fighting for their lives and their offense dominated the last two periods. San Jose worked to establish their offense and but looked as they were trying not to lose rather than securing the win. They set up their offense and a solid shot and a lucky rebound put the Sharks up three to one. Detroit kept on plugging away and with a cut between two defenseman and a laser-shot to the far corner  that banked off the crossbar and in to bring San Jose’s lead to only one goal.
           San Jose held on for dear life and after all the radio nay-sayers threw them in the dumpster they pulled it off. Detroit pulled their goalie and crashed San Jose’s net but there were no more goals. San Jose defied the haters and did not choke and won 3-2 to win the series over Detroit 4 to 3. California has a reason to call for the Stanley Cup. Sharks RollinSD has got your back. With Fans that have teal afros you know the luck is on.  ~Tony Fantano  Tony@RollinSD.com

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