Send This Seal to Sea World in San Diego

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My kids are finally at the age when I don’t have to take them to Sea World every weekend. It wasn’t so bad a few years back when Budweiser still owned them and you could keep walking back up to the tasting booth for beers. I had it down to a science. I could get 36 oz of beer in less than 15 minutes from them.  Granted, I had to bring a change of hats so they wouldn’t recognize me.  Well…… since the best kept secret in Sea World in no longer available, I figured here is another way to get me to visit. Bring this baby to San Diego and I will prop myself up against the wall and feed it fish all day. I will buy a $200 fish card and just have them deliver me a new batch every 5 minutes.  That way, I won’t have to leave my spot and won’t miss a second of this guy.   TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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