SDSU Basketball is giving Fans a season to look forward to.

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The Aztecs basketball program has been reignited and the smoke from last season has only barely begun to clear. With team leader’s like DJ Gay, Billy White, Malcolm Thomas, Mehdi Cheriet, and Kawhi Leonard leaving or graduating there is a huge gap in Mountain West Champion Aztec’s line-up. Coach Fisher and the gang have been out trying pick-up solid recruits and transfers where ever and how ever they can find them. Coach Fish is just starting to reel them in.
Dwayne Polee II is on his way back West to be with his ailing mother. While he is here he also decided to play basketball for San Diego State. Polee is an excellent dunker and is bound to have THE SHOW frothing at the mouth. After winning a state title for Westchester High School in Los Angeles, he spent a year playing with St. Johns from the Big East conference. He is on his way west and is undoubtedly drawn to the Aztecs program because of the school’s tendency to “let the players play.” Aztecs basketball is fast-paced and in your face. Dwayne Polee just wants to get some.
The Aztecs have also recruited two new bigs. One of them is Deshawn Stephens out of Santa Monica Community College who withdrew from Utah when he found out they were going to the PAC 10. He just couldn’t get enough of the Mountain West’s level of competition and wanted to get a piece. The other big man will be freshman and recently La Costa Canyon graduate Matt Shrigley. He is 6’6 and is an excellent shooter. He was drawn to SDSU because of our open-style of play. He ultimately chose SDSU because he was witness to The Aztec’s historic run in 2010 and 2011.
Coach Fisher has turned what could have been a depressing off-season into a bountiful one. With the run they went on last year how could you not fall in love with Aztec’s Basketball. The questions is, Was it the coaches or the players that fortified that style of basketball that got San Diego to the sweet sixteen?  ~Tony Fantano

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