Scott and BR Clothing Drive

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Last month, Rollin’ put on a fund raiser for a friend who has cancer.  We gathered 50+ people together  and raised over $2600 for the Rollin’ For A Cure Foundation to benefit him and and his family.  With the holidays right on top of us, we were looking for another cause to support and found the perfect one.  Scott and BR are two local sports radio hosts, that are on XX 1090 weekdays, from 6AM to 10 AM.  Their chemistry on the air is awesome and they have tons of fun, all while bringing you great sports takes and interviews.  We all complain at times that our life isn’t perfect. We don’t have the new car, the biggest home, can’t go on vacations to Hawaii, but at least we all roofs over our heads.  I have been hearing people around the office the past few days saying how cold it is outside and they hope it warms up.  Well, imaging living outside during this weather and not having any warm clothes or blankets.  Scott and BR are doing their annual clothing drive for the homeless here in San Diego.  We decided we wanted to do our part and help them out.  So any viewers out there want to help out, you have two options.  One is, bring your gently used clothes to In Cahoots, in Mission Valley on Friday between 6AM and 10 AM.  The Scott and BR show have a drop off going on- make sure you tell them RollinSD sent you.  If you don’t have any gently used clothes, go to Walmart or Target and buy a few packages of socks and a sweatshirt and bring it down to them.   If you can’t make it down on and are going to be at the Chargers game today, (to watch the Chargers crush the 49rs) you can stop by our tailgate party. We will be in the motor home section, in a 35 foot limo bus, have a DJ cranking the tunes and 6 GoGo dancers dancing all day long.  Bring your clothes with you and come say hello.  We will bring all the clothes to Scott and BR on Friday for you. So hurry up and get in to your closet now, clean out and make some room for those new Christmas sweaters you will be getting.

Thanks to everyone for helping out and we look forward to having a few cold beers with you today at the game.   Thanks to you Scott and BR, for putting on a great show each morning for doing your part the help the less fortunate and reminding the rest of us to think of us others in need during this time of year.   TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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