San Diego- The Truth Is Back

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Let’s get right in to it today, I hate Red Sox fans and I hate the Boston Red Sox.

First off, I am sick and tired of hearing their input. The only thing we need to know less about is what Brett Favre may or may not be doing. I mean seriously, does anybody really give a shit about some dickhead calling into some radio station with his idea about how to save that franchise? And yet all of these sporting networks feel the need to air these idiots. Somebody quickly break them away from their Dunkin’ Donuts and inform them that there are still 155 to go.

The next thing that disgusts me is the people that feel the need to be “diehard” Red Sox fans when they have never been out of La Mesa. Really? What are your ties to the city of Boston? Just because you saw The Departed does not make you the expert on all things Red Sox. Just because New Era sells that sick Red Sox lid on their website does not mean you need to be a “diehard” Red Sox fan. And mostly just because you love that “wicked pissa” accent does not mean you need to be a “diehard” Red Sox fan. Grow up. Nobody believes you are from Boston when every other word out of your mouth is “dude” and “bro”.

The worst part is I once rooted for the Red Sox. When Roberts led off first and everyone on the planet knew he was going to steal second I rooted for his success. I wanted them to defeat the stupid Yankees. Unfortunately, you are now the Yankees. Everyone hates you and nobody cares about your opinion. Nobody has any sympathy over your crappy start and nobody wants to hear your pathetic cries about how bad you have it. If you want sympathy you’ve come to the wrong place. Nobody cares and you need to understand this. So next time you have something to bitch about, don’t because you’re not Pittsburgh, you’re not Kansas City and you’re not San Diego. ~The Truth

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