San Diego State Aztecs Move Yet Closer To A Top Ranking

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I was at the San Diego State game last night and I must say it was amazing. I can’t believe the energy this team has on the floor and am guessing they get it  from the crowd. You can’t hear yourself think and get goose bumps when the place gets rocking.  I am not worried about the Aztecs moving up in the rankings at this point.  Right now every team they play is going to play them like this is their season and it won’t be an easy next few weeks.  This is perfect prep for the NCAA Tourney though.  This is what the boys will be facing in each of their games on their way to the Final 4.    With a disappointing Chargers Season and the Padres letting the division slip out of their hands this city needs something to rally around.  With what I saw last night they have found it.  If State wins Jim Nance promised our boys Scott and BR that they would be flying to Augusta for the practice round so I am pulling for the Aztecs for two reasons.

I had a friend pick up 4 decent seats online for $600.  Are you kidding me?  I had another buddy get offered $250 per ticket for his seats for the BYU game coming up.  Dam this is a tough ticket to get but 100% worth it. I didn’t even mention all the SDSU hotties in the crowd.  Playboy should be walking around and scouting for their next centerfold. I know RollinSD found a few girls to feature as their local hotties.    Final 4 Baby, here we come.

Well I get home last night feeling no pain and am watching sports center to see if I can catch myself on TV.  Of course the Aztecs don’t get much press or respect but I do see UConn vs Georgetown highlights.   I have a question for the UConn fans out there.   Did Tone Loc slip his sausage into Austin Freeman’s 20 years ago?   TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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