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For the older readers, you remember where you were when MTV first came on the air.  Well for those who are too young to remember that or were still just DNA at that time, you will want to remember this date. RollinSD music is now launching.  We will be on the streets of San Diego covering the hottest bands and clubs out there.  We are not looking for the biggest bands out there, but looking for bands that are hot and flying just under the radar.   San Diego is a hot bed for many different styles of music and we are going to bring it to you.  So Rollers, strap on your seat belt and get ready for a fun ride.   Our very own, Tom Searcy, sat down with the Natives the other day for a one on one interview and talks to them about their music and what they are about.   If you want to be covered by Rollin Music send Tom an email with some information about you and your band/club and he will get back to you.  Tom@RollinSD.com

San Diego’s shock rockers. This four piece band from North County has been playing together since 2003. Tony Fantano acts as chief for the natives, commanding his voice over amazing punk riffs and hard drumming.  Jordan Peterson’s danceable driving guitar and stylized solos are a gem in itself within the band. Mikey Peterson on drums, can only be described as an animal, hard fast paced beats set the tone of the rush created in the atmosphere. Bassist, Infamous Sabby aka Sebastion Lopez, pulls the band together with fat bass lines and an edge of funk. Talented musicians? Yes, but the real pull to their shows is the performance and lyrics. This band has amazing San Diego pride as many songs include references to our city by the sea. Tony blows it out of the water with animated performances and an effort to create an amazing show lost on many musicians. Tony’s style of,  ‘tomahawk shock rock’ is new genre in itself; influenced by SD and created in SD.

Let me start at beginning, Tony and Mikey first started the Westerfield’s in 2002. The idea was to create a shock rock band. Shocking obscene lyrics with loud unrelenting music pretty much rounded out their style. Trying to book a show at Dads café never worked out so they let the band sort of die. Until the next year when Tony and the Peterson brothers joined original bassist JoJo to start the Natives. The Youth are the root of our future. Tony lead the band into an album and well put together piece. As all bands struggle so did the Natives. Getting shows was always a drag. Selling your own tickets and swallowing the cost of unsold tickets didn’t make sense. Tony was inspired by an outlet he saw at a park bathroom and thus the “No Dough Show” was born. Plugging amps in and running extension cords in the cover of darkness at local parks in Scripps Ranch. The Natives blew out the crowds and the neighbors nearby. Songs like “Camel Toe” and “Road Head” always a favorite of fans. Always playing until the police made their descent into the park to break things up. The shows were free, the fliers were hand drawn, and the music and the scene were priceless. The kids could finally be themselves and enjoy good music. The band progressed and things changed. Jojo left the band in 2008. Sebastian Lopez was featured as the bands new bassist. Picking up the reins and driving onward the band produced a second album and are in the works for a third and quite possibly some live recordings.

San Diego needs a legacy to be created by its citizens. The Natives represent our city proudly and rock hard. The band is missing nothing, being true to its roots and keeping things fresh and lively. The dance worthy punk with spikey lyrics that would make a sailor blush keep them unique and in their own light. The Natives can be seen at many bars around town from the Shakedown to the Tower Bar. As the Natives told me I pass on to you-  “Stay classy San Diego”.

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