Lindsey Lamson San Diego Hottie of the month

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Lindsey Lamson – Model and Industry Hottie of the month

Where are you from Lindsey Lamson? How long have you been where you live now (part of town)?

I’m from Vermont. I moved at to San Diego in May of 2011. I’ve lived in Little Italy, Serra Mesa. Mission Valley and currently live right by San Diego State.


Tell me about your job/work

I’ve modeling for four years. I love it, I’ve been featured in numerous magazine and done several fashion shows. The best way to hire me for a shoot would be to email me ( I also work at brewskis bar located on Miramar road.  It’s a fun dive bar with an arcade located right next to Goldfingers Gentlemens Club.


What turns you on (or off) about a guy?

I like nice smiles and brown eyes. Guys that like dogs are a huge turn on to me. My turn-offs include, bad hygiene, and guys that aren’t well mannered.


Lindsey LamsonHow would you describe yourself?

I’m very introverted and it takes me a long time to be comfortable around people. I’m kind, and loving and super stubborn.


What’s your favorite food and why?

Spaghetti, it just tastes like home.


What’s your favorite spot to go out with your girls in San Diego? Do you hit the town Friday nights or are you more of a homebody?

I”m very much a homebody but I like going out in Hillcrest or doing taco Tuesday at fat fish.


Who’s got the best California Burrito in town Lindsey Lamson?

Ortiz taco shop.

Lindsey Lamson


What catches your eye in a guy first?



Have you ever been surfing? Are you interested in learning?

I’ve been a couple times. I’m horrible at it but I would love to learn.


Where are you sexier, Friday night in a black dress or Sunday morning in an oversized t shirt?

Sunday morning.


What are some songs or groups that put you in the mood to have some fun?

The Rolling Stones, & Nirvana.


Lindsey Lamson sd


You catch a man looking at your neckline, do you call him out with “eyes up here” or no worries for first time offender?

I would probably just ignore it.


Do you have tan lines?



Movies that have you laugh out loud?

How to lose a guy in ten days & Super Troopers.

Lindsey Lamson 5

You have an amazing body so I just have to ask because I would love to be a fly on your shower wall.When you get out of the shower do you just stand in front of the mirror and smile and say damn, I am blessed? If not, what part of your body do you wish you could change?

I am very thankful for my  body but I also work super hard for it. I think there is always room for improvement but I love my abs.


Do you have a special work out routine you follow to stay in this kind of shape?

I meet with my amazing trainer two times a week. I go to the gym by myself at least another two times a week.


Lindsey Lamson 8


What would a guy have to do or say to make you blush?

Pretty much anything. I blush super easily. Sometimes even when I read my instagram comments.


Which describes you better “Teach an old dog new tricks or deflower the paperboy?”

Teach an old dog new tricks.


Lindsey Lamson


Where would a guy meet up with on your day off or night out?

Probably the beach


Do you sleep in PJ’s , tee shirt and panties or naked?

Normally just panties.


Sports fan? If so, what is your favorite team?

The Boston Bruins!


Best and worst pick up line?

Pick up lines are silly and can totally work if they are respectful and followed by confidence and being genuine.


Lindsey Lamson


Thanks Lindsey Lamson.  If you like Lindsey and you want to see more photos go check out and her instagram @11lamson  

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