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Through the years, LA’s finest PLATINUM ROCKSTARS have been consistently building their following throughout San Diego by performing at packed clubs like the former ‘Cane’s’ and ‘House of Blues’ downtown.  Their favorite venue, after Sold-out performances with promoter BFD Productions, is the world-famous Bellyup in Solana Beach!  Look for them on June 4, 2011   Buy your Tickets NOW.  They will sell out fast and RollinSD will be there to cover this epic night.  I was lucky enough to talk to Glenn on the phone for an hour earlier this week.  I have seen these guys live in the past and they bring me back to my high school years but when talking with him I was even more impressed with the band.  Read on to hear what Glenn has to say and check out the video.. These guy kick some serious ass.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Glenn, you are the co-founder of Platinum Rockstars. Who is the other founder and how did you come up with the concept?  How long have you been doing it? Lead singer David Victor and I wanted to create a classic rock superstar show that spanned the history of arena rock. As we’ve progressed we’ve experimented with theatrical elements to take the show to a higher place. To be honest with ya, single tribute acts kinda bored us…we wanted to play ‘the best of the best’ in one loud, full-throttle concert experience. We started with six bands in one 90 minute show back in 2008, and have been tweaking and getting louder ever since!

How has the show progressed over the years? Have you added more bands and also more songs? Oh yeah, we love reinventing the act! We’ve sliced and diced the bands and songs, tweaked transitions, mangled medleys and vivisected voice-overs. We are fortunate to have some of the greatest musicians in LA in our band, so it makes it fun and really a custom show every time we perform. Our main focus has always been entertaining our fans, playing music that makes them smile, party, and bang their heads!
The bands you have chosen to cover are all different in many ways. How did you pick these bands/songs? Spoofing the music and era is fun but that’s not really our thing. We’d rather capture the essence of the songs and artists we perform. I think our fans dig that we’re genuinely kicking ass and performing their favorite rock songs with sincerity. Comedy is great but I’d rather listen to Adam Carolla or Louis CK than hear a buncha muffled herpes jokes.

If I were a fly on a window in your car what would I hear you listing to? I am guessing 70’s and 80’s.  I can tell by your videos that you have a real passion for the 70’s music and the 80’s bubblegum… Oh, I love rockin’ jamming 70’s bands, but also love Miles Davis, the Foo Fighters, Prince, bluegrass, Cat Stevens, Quiet Riot, Queen Nation, and David Victor’s Velocity!  And 70’s Time-Life AM hits are forever in my heart!

I would love to see you come out as Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister and sing We’re Not gonna take it, but think the song is not musically good enough for you. I notice the songs/bands you have chosen are all very strong musically and you are not just picking bands/songs that had hits.  Do you have specific criteria when picking a band/song? We try to pick bands and songs that we would want to see bands do if we were in the audience. And since we have such great musicians in the band, we try to push the envelope and not phone in the easy/dopey stuff. You know–we’d rather do Whitesnake than Poison, we’re friggin’ woodshedding monkeys and we can’t help it!

In getting to know you and the passion you have for being a musician I can’t see you just sitting still and keeping the show as is.  What do you have up your sleeve?  What new bands are you looking to add to your show? We wanna take the show to the Vegas theater level with video, pretty girls, lasers, pyro, dancing girls, world tours, girls on trampolines, etc.  But, that all costs money. Say, that’s a nice wallet you have there. Is that real leather? Niiiiiice. Hey, how would you like to put your money somewhere safe—you know, invest in something stable, like the Platinum Rockstars?!?

Tune in next week for part 2 of the interview…

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