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San Diego, the ideas are shining upon us and the latest design plans for a New Charger Stadium in downtown have been revealed. These plans are sweet and it will most likely take a sweetheart deal to get this thing built.
Out of all of the proposed ideas in the Chargers long search for a new stadium the designs proposed by San Diego based De Bartolo and Rimanic design studio is by far the most visually appealing.
With another epic structure along our most picturesque waterfront in San Diego, the new stadium designs are bound to entice anyone who is fighting for the cultural growth of San Diego’s downtown region.
I am defiantly not one for irrational gentrification and kicking out old businesses and long time residents that once made up the fabric of the downtown community. Unused land and open lots just east of Petco Park are a waste and really drive home an eerie ghost town feel at night that begins right after the Tilted Kilt. East Village is sprinkled with grimy businesses and buildings that are used for storage. By expanding the prominence and beauty of downtown by building a huge new stadium we will escalate San Diego’s future potential. With a recognizable and iconic stadium tucked deep in the heart of downtown we will bring a higher level of class to America’s Finest City.
Some may say we already have an iconic stadium right there with Petco Park. The new Chargers stadium design will rival grand structures on a global level like the Sydney Opera House in Australia or the Birdcage in China. That’s the kind of vision that San Diegan’s need to open their eyes too. By building the newest proposed design for a stadium we can put San Diego on the map and bring this city some clout.
“When I designed the stadium I wanted to to focus on incorporating the existing infrastructure downtown” said Paul De Bartolo one of the designers for the East Village Master Plan Concept. Since the main hub for San Diego’s trolley system is right there it makes sense to stress an emphasis on riding and expanding the public transportation system. With the sixth best trolley system in the nation, planning the stadium designs around San Diego’s Public transportation infrastructure is a no-brainer. Besides the trolley there are over 82 bus stops servicing downtown with routes that reach out to most of the communities in San Diego County.
One thing about football is that there is nothing like tail-gating before the game. Along with utilizing the parking structures and lots that are in place for Petco Park, De Bartolo has planned another lot on the southeast side of the new stadium. Unlike the original downtown stadium plan, there are more public places proposed to surround the stadium which requires more land than the original plan. The new plan will put grass over one of the current lots built for Petco Park and the trolley Hub. In my opinion, as California city San Diego needs to step up to the plate,embrace, and utilize public transportation on a regular basis especially when attending huge city-wide events like professional sports and concerts. As of right now De Bartolo’s design, has chosen for obvious reasons to embrace San Diego’s natural sunlight and almost routinely great weather. They have decided against incorporating a roof into their design plan. They also want the stadium to be utilized as an extension of the convention center which is across the street from the proposed site. Of course the stadium could only be used as an expansion to the convention center on the days that it’s not raining.
De Bartolo has been in contact with the Chargers and their architectural partners and received information that they are intrigued by his independent designs and will consider them down the road.
“I designed the stadium to spark interest in San Diego and spread the word that San Diego’s is still interested in building a downtown stadium. I overheard San Diegans giving up on their city’s hopes for a new home for our Chargers. As a designer this is a way I can have a say and keep the dialogue going about plans for a football stadium in Downtown San Diego” said De Bartolo.
In my opinion, De Bartolo is right on point with his desire to spark San Diego’s interest. To get this stadium built we are going have to work  together as a community and keep the idea for a new stadium fresh and moving forward towards the ceremonial shovel in the the ground. The San Diego Stadium Coalition is fighting tooth and nail to secure redevelopment funds to secure the money we will need to eventually break ground on a new stadium. They have a forum on their website where you can discuss ideas for anything about a new San Diego stadium from funding opportunities to building ideas.
De Bartolo designed the stadium to resemble the Chargers logo: The Bolt.

From a bird’s eye view the stadium will resemble two bolts opposite each other with the playing field in the middle. The Stadiums exterior will look like a giant glass cylinder or cone. When you look at the designs and envision the blimp shots they would capture of the stadium with the San Diego’s skyline as the backdrop only one word comes to mind: EPIC. As citizens of America’s Finest city we should expect nothing less. We need to push for a stadium design that captures the creative,inspiring, and classy spirit of our community
If you are sitting there and trying to figure a way to help, please do not try to reinvent the wheel here. Seek out and work with existing political representatives and organizations that are already fighting to get a stadium built in San Diego. Keep your fellow Charger fans informed and just keep talking about what is going on with the new stadium. By creating awareness about the public’s desire to keep the Chargers here in San Diego, we can only add to the momentum that San Diego needs to get this stadium built. The Chargers future in San Diego is in your hands. Keep the dialogue going to keep Bolts from bolting. ~Tony Fantano

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