RSA- Careful Out There Driving

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We have all done it and some do it more than others.  You get up the next day and say holy shit, I shouldn’t have driven last night. I am not here to lecture because I have done it my fair share of times, but when are we all going to realize that drinking and driving is serious. You can still go out, have a few beers and have some fun, but if you have had too many, get a cab and just don’t drive.  It’s that simple. The laws have gotten tougher and tougher yet we still keep doing it.  Well, if it is not for your own saftey what about others?  Don’t be so selfish and think only of yourself.  What if you hurt someone else while you are driving drunk?  Again, I am not here to preach, but please watch this video. It starts off fun and happy and you will say oh, that sucks, but then it will hit home. If you know anyone with teenagers, please forward this to them so they can show their kids.   I have seen many videos and been lectured many times, but this one really hits home.  Please be safe during the holidays.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com


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