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I would like to start by thanking everyone who showed their support for our first Rollin’ For A Cure event.  As many of you know, during the month of ‘Movember’, men grow mustaches to raise money for prostate cancer awareness and research.  Rollin’ For A Cure was created to help support a dear friend, Dennis Newman and his family. We were in awe at the quick show of support and generosity shown by so many people.  Of course, the first criteria to attending the event was that you had to sport your best mustache.   Some people grew their own, others drew them on or had pasties.   No one let us down. We reminded everyone  early on to be on the best behavior, because after all….we did have a professional photographer, Troy Ladmirault, of I Pleasing Photography join us for the event.  He captured the event in it’s entirety with numerous photos and video clips.  I can’t say for sure if everyone was on their best behavior or not?

We started our afternoon at Patricks Irish Pub in Poway.  The bar opened at 4PM and needless to say, at 3:55 the first 15 people were waiting out front. The bartender who opened had no idea what she was in for.  We had 50 people in the bar by 4:05.   The highlight of Patricks was that Dennis himself, was able to come and hang with us for a few hours. He expressed sincere gratitude for the turn out and support from friends and some….complete strangers.

Our trip downtown was next.  Bolt Transportation picked up the first group at 4:45 and nobody wanted to leave Patricks.  But….when they realized how sweet this limo bus was AND  that the bus was filled with cold beers, they were swayed a bit easier.  Not to mention the 50 inch flat screen and the ever sturdy stripper pole which was used quite a bit.  The trip to the Tilted Kilt was a mini party. Once we arrived, they had the VIP room ready for us with Firehouse Brewing Company specials all night long.   Our blue Rollin’ For a Cure shirts with a characture of Dennis on the front, kept us at the forefront of attention all night long. Champion T-Shirts assisted us with these.  We partied there until around 9PM and had two limo buses take us back to Patricks.

Bolt Transportation came back (they were brave) and then Big Woody Tours also arrived to pick up.  This is not your standard limo bus. This is an actual school bus converted into a limo bus but in the design of an old woody car.  The inside is very spacious and has reclining chairs and couches for everyone to relax on. The ride home was eventful to say the least for both busese and many closed their nights out at Patricks.

As it stands now, we have raised $2560 for Dennis and his family.  In the process, everyone made a bunch of new friends and had a great time.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the night before it started.   This was a first for Rollin’ to host an event like this and I want to say how proud I am of everyone who was involved in making it happen.  A huge shout out to all the people who helped organize it, to the bars and limo busses and photographer for their generous donations, to the people who showed and made the night a ton of fun and to those who didn’t show up, yet still donated to an amazing cause.


Please enjoy the photo gallery from the evening and pass it on to friends. If you know of anyone who would still like to donate to the cause, they can by using the Pay Pal link below. All the money will go directly to Dennis Newman and his family.  Again, thank you to all involved and please show appreciation to all our vendors –  Champion Tees, I Pleasing Photography, Patricks Irish Pub, Bolt Transportation, The Tilted Kilt and Big Woody Tours by supporting them in the future.  All of this couldn’t have been possible without their generosity and support.  John@RollinSD.com

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