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How stupid can one be??  Remember in the movie the 6th Sense the kid saying I see dead people?  Well I am saying I love stupid people because they give us stories like this one.  We’re all aware by now how popular social media has become. With the onset rise of ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, and ‘YouTube’, we’ve been advised by the media on exercising common sense when posting anything over the Internet.  Unfortunately four idiots in Houston failed to exercise common sense.  Authorities say that former tellers; 18-year-old Estefany Danelia Martinez and 19-year-old Anna Margarita Rivera, 19-year-old Ricky Gonzalez, and 22-year-old Arturo Solano were formerly indicted on bank robbery and embezzlement charges. On March 23rd, these four individuals were all involved in a robbery that netted the group more than $62,000. These former bank tellers not only robbed the bank, but decided to brag about their stupidity by posting it on ‘Facebook’.  A not so anonymous tip led authorities to the ‘Facebook’ posts.  In one post Martinez wrote “IM RICH.” and in another “WIPE MY TEETH WITH HUNDREDS”.  The attorney for one of the idiots commented that his client is “Extremely remorseful for what he’s accused of doing.” They should also be remorseful for not keeping their trap shut. ~Sgt Harris  full story

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