RollinSD’s Hidden Ass Cam

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Is San Diego ready for RollinSD’s hidden ass cam? I hope so because we are working out the legalities right now with our attorneys.    Need to figure a few things out and make sure we don’t get sued. I am thinking if these girls can do this and not get into any trouble why would I?  I first off would get a shit load more people staring and pointing.  The girl in the video is cute but not wearing the best jeans and has a decent ass. I will be breaking out my secret weapon and the girl pictured on the right. I will have people drooling and making the craziest faces and expressions.  So San Diego enjoy this and consider this just a crappy little appetizer for what I am about to unleash.  Any girls out there think they have the ass it takes to be part of this please email me.  We will be all over Pacific Beach and Mission Beach this Spring and Summer. TMTMTL@RolllinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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