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San Diego, meet Liz.

She is a RollinSD Local Hottie.  She works at the Double Deuce downtown as one of the Smokin’ Guns and she is smokin’………….  Just wait til you see her move on stage.

What could someone say that would make you blush? Every compliment makes me blush. I get very nervous and uncomfortable when someone compliments me, I really have no idea how to take them.

Geaorge Clooney or Brad Pitt? I’ll have to go with Brad Pitt on this one, Interview With a Vampire is the greatest. And I can’t remember ever seeing George Clooney with rock hard abs…. 🙂

Favorite  Beverage? It is a toss up between Blueberri Stoli and Sprite or Sweet Tea Vodka with Lemonade. I’m really a fan of anything thats tastey and helps my dance moves. So is this what you would want someone to buy you if they were sending you a drink at the bar? Yes as long as it was a double…..

Family Guy vs Simspons? There’s no contest, FAMILY GUY!

Worst pick up line you have ever heard? While waiting for a meeting on campus, I had a guy walk up to me and say “Excuse me, this may seem strange but God was shining his light down on you and directing me to come talk to you… Is there anything you need prayer for or I can help you with?” l’m not sure If it was a Pick up line , but he was looking for an excuse to talk to me and I apparently need some prayer.

Hidden Talent? I wouldn’t say I have a hidden talent but rather a hidden non-talent. People assume that because my job involves me line dancing and performing on stage that I am a great dancer… They would be wrong. As soon as I get off the stage I’m such an awkward white girl. I still stand on my dads feet at weddings.

After Graduation? Although I’ve finished school, I’m going to continue working at my two current jobs, Double Deuce and a beverage company called Neuro. The part time flexibility will let me travel, while the fun in my jobs will keep me happy and content! I do eventually want to get a beverage field market manager position eventually though, as my degree is in Marketing.

When can we come check you out at work? I work Thurs/Fri/Sat  at the Duece as the main host on the Country side of the bar.  Come give me a holla!

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