RollinSD Rocks 70’s vs 80’s night at the Belly Up

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The Rock was alive on June 3rd at the Belly Up Tavern. There wasn’t any time for the passive-aggressive rock that we have grown accustomed to in this modern age. It was 70s vs 80’s night and the power was brought to the forefront. Wayward Sons and Platinum Rockstars rocked with the knowledge that the songs in their repertoire were certified rock legend ballads. The 70’s vs 80’s night was a classic rock buff’s wet dream. Wayward Sons are rockers in their prime and they knew what it took to dazzle the crowd. With the crowd pumped, the young guns of Wayward Sons answered the mating call of the eager cougars in the crowd. Their raw sexual energy was glistening off their moist chest hair and suggestive bulges. Wayward Sons gave the crowd what they wanted but the next act The Platinum Rockstars gave everyone desert. They got all the girls on stage for songs like Pour Some Sugar on Me and Don’t Stop Believing. With the fog machines on full blast and these two bands wielding excellent performances the 70s vs 80s resurrection night at the Belly Up Tavern had come full circle. RollinSD brought the energy, the Pre-show vocal exercises but the San Diegans in attendance at the Belly Up Tavern brought the inspiration for these bands to rock on such a great night.  If you missed Wayward Sons last Saturday mark down Aug 12th because they will be back at the Belly Up Tavern. It will be a show you don’t want to miss. Tony@RollinSD.com

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