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The sound of two bands shook the foundation of the small polo track at in the dusty plains of Indio. The two bands have joined as one to create a unique sound only described as a journey through the genres of ska, reggae, punk, hip-hop, and rock. To be able to mesh all of these genres together without losing the listeners interest the band uses a multi-piece set up.A powerful horn section including Baritone Sax and Trumpet gives the ska and reggae edge and keeps the sound full. The bassist, Armando Flores was recently featured a bass players publication and really can hold his own and keep the funky vibe flow through any song. The band features two percussion sections. A traditional drummer kept time on the set and really came through on the punk songs. My socks were really blown off by the percussionist. Dressed in a shower cap, yellow, tie, and devil horns he took to the congas and bongos. The percussionist also played an African djembe at one point keeping a very tribal feel during the show. The loud ping sound of the Chinese cooking wok getting wailed on was just another piece of this huge collaboration that made you stop and really admire what these guys have created. The idea that two bands, each with a lead man and instrument sections that differ,  can come together and create an experience like this still blows me away when I think about it. Besides the fact the show was held at the Tavern in Palm Springs it really was a happening place. The tavern is on an old plot of land used for polo matches so its cowboy heaven. The bar even has saddles on the stools and you bet by last call there were drunk bitches riding the bar stools. A sort of unique place for a unique band.  The musical talent of over 20 years playing together is evident in everything these guys do.

Lead man Mike Lewis works the crowd like nobody’s business. He truly loves what he does and it shows. San Diego is about to blow up with these guys.  I can’t wait to see more projects from his son Jacob who DJ’s for the group pulling sound and effects together to round out the sound. The close knit band was getting pumped up and drinking backstage when I was able to get a few words with them. Although from Palm Springs and Indio, these guys are no strangers to San Diego.

Playing their first show on a dare at the Casbah here in San Diego got these guys started . From talking to these guys I got the notion that this band’s purpose was to move people. The music is so danceable its incredible. Even if you had two left feet you could not help but move them. This 11-piece bunch of funksters and rockers just want people on the dance floor. Pedestrians were originally the creation of the late Darol Mata and front man Mike Lewis of Groovalopacus. Pedestrians were conceived as an 11 piece party band.  P.E.D. have had an almost revolving door policy of great desert talent to keep the music fresh and evolving. Even being from a small desert town their fan base is fresh and loyal. A wide range of age showed to the event and no matter whom you were, you couldn’t help but dance.  Pedestrians vs. War Party is heading for SD. The plan to book shows in March and April in the San Diego area and we are excited to have them. RollinSD will be covering those shows as well and we look forward to seeing you all there. “If ever there was a group of hometown boys dedicated to perpetuating the creativity of desert talent…Pedestrians vs. War Party are it.”   To find out more on when they are playing next please sure to become a fan of theirs on Facebook  ~Tom Searcy- RollinSD Music    Pedestrians vs War Party

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