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You read the subject line correctly.  RollinSD,  San Diego’s hottest website, will be launching it’s golf section very soon and we are looking to work with the best of the best in the industry.   We have started sponsoring the CalState Golf Tour, which is now the talk of Southern California.  In years past, it required a lot of money to be able to travel all over the country for a pro .  So, if you have the balls and think you have what it takes, sign up today.  I will donate $50 towards your entry fee for the next event which is Jan 31st at Shadowridge Country Club.   I was at their first event and was very impressed with the way the event was put on and more impressed with the caliber of golfers that came out to play.  Not only could they hit the shit out of the ball and score, but they were all out there having fun.  Too often, good golfers get the bad rap of being boring and not fun to play with, but this group would not be accused of that.  It almost seemed like they had all been playing together for years.  San Diego and Southern California, you have to check this out. If you don’t have the balls that’s ok, just send this link to a friend who does and you can caddy for him.  See you all out there on the 31st and make sure you come by and say hello to me. Please stay tuned as our staff will be doing reviews on all the local golf courses and providing discounts/coupons to them.  See video below from their first event with Mark Loftus talking RollinSD.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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