RollinSD.com at Reggae De Mayo at the Belly Up Tavern

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We did it up huge for Reggae De Mayo at The Belly Up Tavern. We brought the crew up to Del Mar and we documented the festivities. The women were out and some of them were cougars. The whole night was a blast and local band’s Jet West and Jam Kwest just added to the flavor. Jam Kwest kept the roots reggae alive with there set of classic covers and some awesome originals. Jet West mixed up a music fusion that could only be described as a combination of Skate Punk/Ska/ Reggae. Jet West definitely brought the Ladies to the stage and loosened up the night. Check out the video and interview with the band and let me know what you think about these up and coming bands in San Diego. RollinSD.com we know how to do it up.  Tony Fantano  Tony@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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