Rollin’ Service Announcement

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Instead of a PSA we have an RSA and it may have a little edge to it.  I have wanted to start this for a while and have been gathering different articles/columns and finally decided to start it last night.  What started this was a little BBQ we had at our house for my son’s soccer coaches.  They are great families and coaches and

my wife wanted to have them over. So I come home from drinking all morning at softball and have my 10 things to do before they arrive. The first was to stop at the store on the way home and pick up things for the party.  I had plenty of beer at home, but figured I would pick up an 18 pack of Coronas just in case;  one can never have too much beer.  On my way back home, I get a call from my wife asking if I had left the store. This is as I am about to pull into the driveway, so being the good little husband I am, I run back to the store to pick up who knows what.  I finally arrive home and still have my to do list to finish.  My son is asking me to play catch with him, my other son wants to show me his baseball cards and I can’t because I need to do my things before the guests arrive.  So where am I going with this? Well over the past few months, we have had quite a few get togethers and I have noticed that we have acquired a lot of white wine. I asked my wife why she keeps buying white wine when neither of us has had a glass of white wine since we have known each other.  She says,  ‘I don’t buy it.  People bring it when they come to parties.’ I think, are you kiddin’ me??  I go to a party and bring what I want to drink. I don’t bring a 12 pack of Bud Light and then go drink all the Blue Moons.   So yesterday the families arrive and I walk down stairs and my wife says so and so would like a glass of red wine. I open a bottle and pour her a glass.  Then she has a few more glasses and all is going good. I later go into the house to get something out of the fridge to grill and notice a brand new bottle of white wine in the fridge.  I can’t believe it.  They brought the white wine and right away ask for a glass of red.  I am pretty lit at this point and try to find a way to bring this up in conversation, but know better as my wife would kill me.  So what is the deal? Do people just recycle bottles of white wine when they go to other peoples houses for parties?  They probably think,  shit, I don’t want to waste a bottle of my own red so I will bring a bottle of white, drink their red and maybe even get to try a new bottle. Kind of like when you shower at someone elses’ house. When you use shampoo at home you use just the right amount and not waste  any, but when you go to someone elses house you dump half a handful onto your head and make more lather than you ever have. I think this is the same with the wine.  So here is your Rollin’ Service Announcement.  Please bring what you want drink to the party you are going to. If any of you reading  this show up at my house and bring a bottle of white wine I am going to make you drink the whole thing with a straw.  No more loading people up with your left overs.  Have some respect and don’t be cheap.  After all, you are going to someone else’s house to make a mess, eat their food and then leave. The least you could do is bring a decent bottle of red wine.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com Have one you would like to share?  Send me an email….

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