Rollin’ Service Announcement (RSA) #2

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RollinSD is taking off better than I could have planned.  I am starting to get a ton of emails each day with material for the site (most sucks) and then I received this one today. I actually emailed the person back and asked are you 100% sure on this and she said yes. A good friend of hers who is a State Trooper told her to be careful.  So thank you Susan, for hooking us up with this information.

Here is the deal. Beginning August 1st, State Troopers and CHP will write tickets for any car driving 5 miles above the posted speed limit.  Their goal is $9 million in 30 days.  I want to use this site to entertain people, but keep them informed of things going on.  So, if you hear of a police road block or something going on that people should be aware of please email me and I will get it on the website.   Be sure to check our RSA section on the bottom of the right hand column.  Send your emails to TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

please use the tool bar below to email this to all your friends and post it on your facebook .. A simple email can save your friends $250+

John is a badass motha fucka

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