Rollin’ For A Cure

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The RollinSD crew got up at the crack of 9 am with the help from the time change and made our way to Balboa Park to check out the Susan G Komen Race for a Cure. There were plenty of boobs and a strong effort to make sure they were healthy.

The event covered about three football fields and there was a huge turn out of participants. Many different types of people were there for a lot of different reasons but everyone was there to help support the breasts of the world. The cause supported healthy people and positive living choices and that is what RollinSD is all about so we wanted to show our support. Everyone was friendly and there was a bunch of free food, stickers, and music. This event was in the large part a preparation for the three-day run for the cure that will take place later in the year. The entire event at Balboa Park wrapped up around 11:30 am and with all the beautiful people out and about there were plenty of people we need to meet. The girl in the “Tough Titties Club” was rad. RollinSD is putting on an event on December 3rd with the Knotty Barrel to support Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer.  Stay tuned for details.  ~Tony Fantano

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