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These are specialty CriticalKemp below the radar recommendations, that may have slipped past the regular theater circuit, or were in limited release – but are must sees for the Rollin crew.

 “Black Dynamite”  (Now avail on DVD)

“So if you crave satisfaction…Dig this action…Guaranteed to put your ass in traction.”  The best line of the trailer pretty much gives you the premise, the attitude, the genre and the period all in one line.  And oh we can dig it.  An absolute time warp back to when black men were at their coolest.  No drive bys, no gang signals, no hip hop music telling whitey he sucks – but one pissed off lamb chop side burnin huge afro playa, who looks like the illegitimate bastard child if Jim Brown and Shaft both fucked Pam Grier.  Throw in some bone-breaking Kung Fu hits, a great wakka wakka soundtrack, with a few pimps, drug dealers and a few other jive turkeys and you get the black hero 1972 always should have had, but we didn’t get until now.  If god made us all black men, we’d want to be Black Dynamite.

Michael Jai White, who you may remember from “The Dark Knight” as the mafia lord who offers $500,000 for Heath Ledger as Joker dead, turns the tables as the hero this time in what I must call a “period piece”, but with a sense of humor about itself.  A Kung Fu movie at heart, this delivers on every level a guy movie should.  Ass kicking fights, great quotes and greater characters, and solid laughs along the way.  Even Roger Ebert understood what this movie was about, and said it was funny.  Perfect for a Sunday hangover day with buddies that never made it home and that morning “hair of the dog” buzz.  Watch the trailer now and you’ll see why you need to see this flick.  You’ll be quoting it with your friends for the rest of the summer.  This Sucka be  “RollinSD approved”! 

– Critical Kemp                Kemp@RollinSD.com

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