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Now this is a band that needs to get their asses out to San Diego and kick some ass. I can just see these guys taking San Diego or the West Coast by storm.  Someone sign them to a label fast send me a referral fee check for giving you the heads up. Taco & Da Mofos rock the party at Big Easy’s at  614 C Carriage House Drive in Jackson, TN this Saturday, April 23rd with special guest RollinSD Hottie Mindi Stoots hosting. The band will perform their new single “Party Animal” as well as other favorites of their original music. Taco & Da Mofos band members include:

Taco – Vocals, Guitar
Keela – Vocals, Producer, Keys
Charlie Mofo – Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals
Shannon Da Mofo – Drums
Citizin Flip – DJ/Turntablist, Keys

Keela said of his groups unique for the area sound, “We sound more like we’re playing for the beach crowd than anything around here.” And he’s right, more often than not the local bands are rock/hard rock, rap/country rap, or country with a few blues guys playing here and there and cover bands. The band’s sound was influenced by California music, reggae.

According to their Facebook page Taco and Da Mofos, ask “What if you could mix the feel good vibes and positive outlook of Reggae with the awe-inspiring power and showmanship of American Rock?” They add, “Then throw in a healthy dash of Southern Rap with some Latin Percussion to spice it up. Add a touch of Punk Rock and a taste of Ska, and WAH-LA! You have the perfect ingredients for one of the “DOPEST” party bands of this generation…you have Taco & Da Mofos.”

Mindi, who was featured in RollinSD Local Hotties March 4th , and some of Taco and Da Mofos videos, will be on hand with magazines and photos, signed of course, for sale and will be on the mic to keep the crowd rolling, structure dancing, and just having fun. She began modeling a mere three years ago while still attending the University of Memphis studying fashion marketing. “I answer all the comments of substance on my websites, but it’d drive a girl crazy to answer all those ‘Hey Mindi, how are you doing’ ones.” When you are as pretty and hot as Mindi there are many of those kind of comments coming in everyday. Mindi’s celebrity is rising due mainly to her own hard work to get where she is today, with a spread in MMA Unleashed on sale at Barnes & Noble, and is to be featured in the upcoming TOP MODEL SHOOTOUT ON DALE HOLLOW LAKE in August at Dale Hollow Lake, TN. She one of the 12 published models who will be featured after the shooting for a calendar. It can be found here : Calendar She is also a strong advocate in the Mutts’n’Models campaign on Facebook causes, as well as having her own Facebook group dealing with paranormal subjects. Her own interests there lean toward alien visits to our planet.

Taco started off, with just an acoustic guitar, making crowds laugh and have a good time. Now a full out urban assault on the music biz has begun, and everyone will soon know the full extent. Taco & Da Mofos have played shows all across the country since 2000. In the process, they’ve released 4 band albums (2000’s Blowin’ Up, 2003’s Pimpin’ Advisory Explicit Bump, 2006’s Late Nite Bump Stars, and 2007’s Bud, Sweat, & Beers) along with an Acoustic album and a Rap Album. Now the band is more experienced and understands what it takes to be successful in this business.  Ho Ho Ho and A Bottle Of Rum Video

Armed with a musical arsenal that’s tailor-made to put a smile on your face, Taco and his band of bucksters have the perfect jam to set any mood. Whether it’s island grooves to get you feeling ever so right, or straight up BUMP to get your head bangin’, Taco & Da Mofos guarantee that you will party your clothes off! It doesnt matter if you’re at the beach or at the club, all you need is Taco & Da Mofos, and all problems and inhibitions seem to disappear.
Taco & Da Mofos mission is simple…to provide good times, great tunes, and even better memories to all that jump aboard. TADM have always provided the party atmosphere… they’ve rocked shows with such acts as the Oscar Winning Three 6 Mafia, (HED) P.E., The Wailers, Project Pat, Rehab, Lil Wyte, and MANY MORE!…The future of the band is limitless. Currently Da Mofos are playing shows across the country continuously building an “un-FADE-able”grassroots following one fan at a time.

“We started back in high school,” said Keela, “and we just went on from there. People said, ‘HEY, Y’all are good.’” From there we went on until today.” He added the band played packed houses in Florida and their following here was loyal. So Y’all come on out to Big Easy’s, they’re on Big Easy on Facebook , for more info. Here are some links for Mindelicious and Taco & Da Mofos.  ~Jim Garrett

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