Repeat, But Just Too Awesome Not To Post Again

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I had posted this video a few months back, but a reader sent it to me again. I figured with all the crazy stuff going on with the weather; the East Coast with the snow storms and San Diego getting tons of rain over the past week, it would be good to post it again. This guy has no clue of the photo on the screen behind him and I wish they had a video of the producer and others laughing at him. I don’t think they did this on purpose and am thanks to Tom for sending it my way once again.  Roller’s, enjoy.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

[hana-flv-player video=”http://rollingsd.com/wp-content/uploads/1931099_7d0a7827-ea4e-4f8a-b5c2-1365155d5a12_prod_12.flv” width=”400″ height=”330″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” clickurl=”http://rollingsd.com/wp-content/uploads/1931099_7d0a7827-ea4e-4f8a-b5c2-1365155d5a12_prod_12.flv” /]

John is a badass motha fucka

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