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I get a ton of these sent me me by readers.   I try to figure out if they are real or fake before posting them on the site or sending them to my group of friends.  This one I am not sure about. It starts off kind of slow, but I am entertained by the guy and had a similar experience with electronics this past weekend. I was dropping my son off at a bday party and came home and my wife said the TV is broken and she hates the TV.  I said I just left 5 minutes ago and it was working.  Well, I tried putting on a CD and the volume was so loud on the receiver because when you were watching Predator last week and had the surround sound on you didn’t turn the receiver volume down when you shut it off.  First off let me defend myself here.  I had the volume on low watching Predator otherwise she would have come down stairs 5 times to turn it down.  Secondly, I don’t ever watch TV and don’t touch anything.  So she ended up pressing a few buttons on the side to turn the volume down because she couldn’t find the remote (also my fault). Long story short she hit a bunch of things and the TV didn’t work. I hate electronics and things like this. I acutally start to sweat when I think about having to fix something.  So I try to figure this out getting more and more pisseed.  Call Direct TV and the guy walks me through it, but it takes 20 minutes and now my beer is warm.  What does my stupid story have to do with this video? I can understand this guys frustration that is what it has to do with my story. I can see myself saying and doing the same things and I bet a lot of guys can relate.  I am leaning towards this is real, but don’t really buy his reaction to when he finds out she was messing with him.  What do you think?  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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