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I have been quiet for a while, but have come out of hiding!  I am a grown man, ripped and strong as shit but will still climb a god damn tree in a matter of seconds if I see a snake.  My balls shrivel up to the size of raisins when I see a worm; never mind a snake.  A buddy sent me this video on Friday where the TB host goes into Columbia to catch Anacondas.

It reminded me of that movie with Ice Cube in it and the fucking snake that’s as long as my street, takes out each person one by one.   Who in their right mind would go to catch anacondas?  Didn’t they see the video of Steve Irwin getting stung by the giant sting ray?   The only reason I would be going to Columbia is to get a fine piece of ass (isn’t that chick from Modern Family from Columbia?  I would like to feed her my anaconda) or to get a few 8 balls of some fine uncut Colombian marching powder.  I want to think this video is real, but don’t know.  This magical Indian El Diablo can magically smell snakes and tame them with his eyes?  I think they either fed the damn snake a few pigs or shot it with some type of drug to keep it tame.  Then they don’t show the attach??   That’s when the snake is wrapping around the guy so he can’t call for help.  The camera crew gets there and the snake is not wrapped around him anymore?  WTF??  Did El Dieblo give him a little stare down and he unwrapped?   Why not show the bite?  I am calling fake because if you watch to the end he says he has no hard feelings for the snake. If he really was bitten like they say, it seems he would be pissed off at the snake.  Iceberg@RollinSD.com

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