Rabbits are just soft cute animals……

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Bull shit they are.  These two are made for a movie and could star next to Arnold in Terminator 6.   I can’t decide which one I feel is tougher,  although I am leaning towards the one with the crows.   The first one is just toying with the snake but it is a giant snake. The guys commentary and his laughing is classic!  Maybe that is why I don’t think this rabbit is  as tough as the other.

Ok, now this next little fuzzy cute animal is a bad ass.  He takes down one crow and the others try to help and he runs them off.  Damn, I was sitting at the beach the other day eating chips and a few sea gulls flew up to me and were staring at me from 10 feet away. I freaked out and thought there were going to attack me. My buddy said he found a birds nest in the wreath of his front door….. heard some noises out front and there were two crows on the ground right below the wreathe.  He ran them off but comes out an hour later and both baby birds were gone..  I hope one of the crows in this video was one of the crows at his house. Payback biotch.  click on the photo below for video.

Could this be the same rabbit in both videos?

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