Quarterback Trick Shots

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What is with all these quarterbacks putting up their trick shot videos?   We put on the site  a few months back the back up quarterback from UConn putting on a clinic with trick shots.  I am watching an NBA game last night and I was wishing half the players on the floor could shoot like Gunnar Legas.  This kid is from Provo Utah and is only in the 7th grade.   I think that is what is so impressive about him.  Walk to your local JR High and tell me you see a lot of 7th graders with his composure.   I am not really too sure about the blindfolded throws or why his dad or coach is wearing a bandanna wrapped around his head like he is the lead singer of Lover Boy, but the kid has some serious game. I think I am going to have to set up my own video of me showing off my cannon and threading the needle with a few passes.  I am keeping my eye on Gunnar as most of you should and I am just hoping his opposition isn’t watching this video and giving them more motivation to go out and break his legs when they play him.   Send me your homemade video of you trying some of these throws and I will put it up. TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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