Putting SEX on your to do list

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Ok all you men out there….you guys complain OFTEN about how organized your wife/girlfriend is.  “Why can’t she be more spontaneous, why does everything have to be planned and how come half the time I don’t know what the f*** is being planned?” 

I think deep down, even though you resent it from time to time, you need us to keep you on track.  It gives you and the rest of the house some sense of order.  So why am I bringing this up?  There is something else that you guys complain about…..OFTEN!  You don’t get it enough.  I hate to say it, but because guys and girls are wired differently, (for guys it’s a physical need, for girls its an emotional need and the stars have to be aligned just right) I think you have a valid complaint.  Many of you probably don’t get it enough.  I know this because my boyfriend’s friends bitch about it constantly on Poker night. The wife or girlfriend is too busy, too tired or has the ever popular headache. 

I have a challenge for you.  Ask her to schedule it in every week. Don’t laugh; this could work to your advantage!  Get her to put it on the calendar and watch the difference. The whole tone and mood will change if everyone knows what’s on the agenda that night. You have to do your part too – get your ass home on time from work, happy hour or whatever.  Help out with whatever needs to be done so you can make certain that what’s scheduled stays scheduled. 

~Let me know how it works out, but I’m confident this is a sure thing.  Sara@RollinSD.com

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