Poor Tiger Woods

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Yeah, right.  Poor Tiger Woods my ass.  The guy gives $750,000,000 (yes, that is 7 zeros) to his ex-wife and can still go out and buy this place.  Oh, and then fix it up with $15,000,000 (yes, another 6 zeros) because it just wasn’t right.  I was never a fan of Tiger until all this controversy came up.  The guy walked on water and could do no wrong.  Now I can watch TV on the weekends and not have everything be about Tiger Woods.  Before they would interrupt a basketball game and even Judge Judy to let you know Tiger birdied #15 and is only 9 shots back. Is too much of a good thing or one thing too much?  I say yes.  The fact that he did what he did shows he is human and makes him so much more appealing to me.  The guy walked on water. He could be strapped with 500 lbs, a piano and have a small car on his back but he would still just walk slowly and smoothly across the pond.  Well Mr. Woods.  Props to you for going on with your life and not worrying about what others think or say.  Stay on your 12 acre property and practice all your approach shots from all wind directions and get back out there and win because now I actually want you to win and miss hearing about you.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Check out Tiger Woods’ sparkly new $50 million bachelor pad

By Jay Busbee

If you happen to be a single dude in south Florida and you think you’re going to impress the ladies with your car or your oceanfront condo, you might just want to pack it in now. Tiger Woods is in town, friends, and his place has room to store yours in a forgotten corner of the attic.
Behold Tiger Woods’ personal Xanadu, the recently-completed $50 million estate in Jupiter Island, Florida. In this aerial photograph, commissioned by Jeff Lichtenstein Realty, you can clearly see not only the $35 million original estate but much of the $15 million sunk into improvements. As FanHouse notedwhen Woods purchased the property in 2007, the original estate was 9,729 square feet on a 12-acre lot. The additions included a 6,400-square-foot gym/media room/bar, as well as an elevator, a reflecting pond, and a slim lap pool.
[More obscene wealth: Adam Sandler gives $800,000 worth of wheels to ‘Grown ups’ co-stars]
Eagle-eyed observers will note that there appear to be several golf-type formations scattered around the estate. Cary Lichtenstein, part of the real estate group that took the photographs, offered this assessment of the golf aspects of the estate. [Note that this photo is taken looking eastward, so north is to the left and south is to the right.] Lichtenstein’s take:
It appears he has one tee box in the southeast … corner to hit drivers. The entire area just west of the lap pool can be used to hit long, medium and short irons into any of the 4 greens. Each green is guarded by a single trap except the green in the northwest corner which appears to have 3 pot bunkers.
Tiger has enough open space to practice his short game from any angle, any wind condition, which really appears what this practice area is all about.
His putting green is totally surrounded by dense vegetation. One wonders if he is trying to block out the wind by doing this or if he is cutting off both sunlight and air circulation. He probably has a sub-air temperature/humidity control system beneath the green, otherwise it would be worthless in the heat of the summer, especially if the grass there is bent or some northern grass.
What, no windmills?
News broke about Woods’ mansion right about this time last year, and at the time it appeared to be a fortress for him and his beloved Elin to hide from the world’s prying eyes. Shortly after that, Woods had a close encounter with a certain hydrant, and pretty much everything changed forever.
Regardless of all the hue and cry about Woods, both pro and con, the guy made his own bed, and now he’s going to have to sleep in it. Clearly, though, that bed’s going to be in one heck of a swank house.
[Photo by Terry Yeager, Above & Beyond Aviation Services. Cary Lichtenstein is a former rater of golf courses for GolfWeek Magazine.  He started playing at the age of 7, and has played all top 100 golf courses in the United States.  Cary served on the greens committee at Admirals Cove, and now sells homes in Admirals Cove, Jupiter, Florida with his son Jeff Lichtenstein at Illustrated Properties & Christies Great Estates.]

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